Pylman Land Company, Inc. provides commercial real estate brokerage and investment services with a primary focus on the acquisition and disposition of residential land and lots located in the State of Arizona. Martin Pylman is the President and Designated Broker of Pylman Land Company, Inc. Martin’s career as a full-time land broker began after he graduated from Arizona State University during 1987. Martin advises his clients regarding desirable market areas and which properties to buy within those desirable areas, undesirable properties and market areas, entitlement work, competition, market timing, property values, new and existing housing data and marketing strategy.

Martin believes that in order to give his clients the best possible service he must put his client’s interests ahead of his own. As an example, when a client asked Martin to help the client buy $750,000,000 worth of real estate during 2007, Martin declined the opportunity and advised his client not to start buying real estate during 2007 as Martin felt that all real estate values would decline for the foreseeable future. The client told Martin that he was the only real estate broker in town who was given the opportunity to help place the money that turned down the opportunity and advise him not to buy real estate during 2007. Several years later, the same client thanked Martin for his accurate read on the state of the real estate cycle during 2007, his honesty and his willingness to place the client’s best interests in front of his own. Martin continues to have a strong relationship with this client.